About us

We are a temp agency that offer jobs within the fields of warehouse work, logistics, production, administration and sales. Our temps are mostly students or newly qualified. We believe in hard work, talent and stability – we believe in people with the right attitude!

We work hard to secure cost-competitive prices and provide competent and innovative solutions at the same time. We do this by optimizing each segment of our business, and by building strong relations with our candidates and customers, investing in the right technology, and make sure we have the right coworkers onboard.

“To contribute positively to the people who are affected by our company”

This means that we: – Strengthen our customers’ companies by supplying better and more motivated candidates – Make sure our candidates are recruited for the right positions and helped along the way

– Supply personnel solutions that are a perfect match and solve our customers’ problems – Create a good workplace and environment our coworkers are proud to be a part of

One of our most important responsibilities is to create good conditions for our temps and customers. Therefore, we always follow the collective agreements. We believe that every corporation has a social responsibility, and we want to give back to the community we are all a part of. This is why we support Børnecancerfonden each year to help children with cancer and their families, because this is a dear cause to us.