Application Process

I would like a job as a temp at GO:WORK – what do I do?

  1. I contact GO:WORK

    Have one of our job advertisements caught your attention? Or does a temp job or student job at GO:WORK sound like something for you? Then send us an application through our job portal, which you automatically will be send to, when you press the “ansøg her”-button in the job advertisement.

  2. We receive your application
    When we receive your application, we read it and answer as soon as possible.

    We will call you if you send us an application at a time where we are in need of new colleagues/temps, and we have found your application to be relevant for the jobs we can offer. Typically, we will call you to invite you to an interview. During the phone conversation, we might assess that we will not be calling you in for an interview, we will then let you know, and the process will come to an end.

    If the position you applied for has been filled, or if we are not at the moment looking for new colleagues/temps you will receive a rejection by email. Likewise, if you do not match the profile we wish for our colleagues/temps to have, you will receive a rejection mail. We do not hire anyone unless they have had an interview with us.

    We would like to mention that should you receive a rejection for a specific position, you are welcome to apply again, if a new job position should catch your attention.

  3. I will be called in for an interview

    The Interview:
    You will be called in for a nice and casual talk with us, which will last about 30 minutes. Here we will tell you about what GO:WORK can offer you and we can get to know you better.

    After the interview:
    After our talk we will look at your profile and see if we can match you to one or more of our clients. If we find you to be a perfect match we will call you and welcome you to the GO:WORK team. On the other hand, if we evaluate you to not be a match with any of our clients, we will call you and let you know.

  4. I have been hired by GO:WORK!
    Rest assured that as part of the GO:WORK team we will do our best to make sure that being one of GO:WORK’s colleagues will be a positive experience.

    When a client, which matches your profile, needs a couple of extra hands we will call you and your first day as a GO:WORKER will commence!

    Should any questions emerge, please do not hesitate to call or write us, or drop by the office on Fjordsgade for a cup of tea or coffee and we will have a chat.