Student Jobs and Temporary Jobs

We offer both student and temporary jobs in exciting companies. Therefore, we are the perfect choice for you, if you need a job you can adjust to fit your life perfectly.
As a temp in our firm you will:

  • Achieve work experience
  • Get a job you can adjust to your life as a student, due to the high flexibility of temporary jobs
  • Get the opportunity to establish a network consisting of various companies
  • Get an exciting and versatile workday with various stimulating and challenging work tasks
  • Increase your income

Meet a temp

Simon is 22 years old and studying at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense. Simon is working as a temp at GO:WORK besides his philosophy studies. Watch the clip and see what Simon thinks is the advantages of being a temp. (The clip is in Danish)

We offer student and temporary jobs within the following fields:

Warehouse & Logistics
The field of warehouse and logistics offer various work tasks, such as: picking and packing wares, sorting and container emptying. If you have a forklift certificate you get to fulfill tasks as a forklift driver. You will often work together in teams to achieve a common goal.

The field of production offers different works tasks such as production of food, assembling products, quality control, packing wares and operating industrial machines.

Administration & Sales
If you wish to work within the field of administration and sales, the job might contain tasks such as customer service, administration, filing and the like. The job might for example be in a call center where you get to help customers who call in with questions about products.

Exam Supervisor
We have a number of different educational institutions in the entire country, to whom we send exam supervisors. As an exam supervisor you have the responsibility to make sure that the exam is carried through as smooth as possible. You help the students to get a pleasant experience, and make sure all rules are followed before, during and after the exam.