Work with us

At GO:WORK, we believe that social relations in a workplace are important. We are a small team of committed people, who all fight together to reach the goals of the company and satisfy our customers’ needs. It is important that we all work well together, as our teamwork is what makes us strong. Each co-worker has immense responsibility and their own areas of responsibility adjusted according to our individual abilities. We work in an open office environment, where cooperation, humor and commitment are the keywords to get us through a workday that sometimes get quite hectic.
It is also possible to get an internship at our office. Each semester, we take in one intern, so that we can focus solely on teaching this one person as much as possible. As an intern, you will get to work with many different areas, such as recruitment, booking, and communication, as well as administration, marketing and sales. Generally, you get to see all aspects of what makes a firm work and you get to be just as big and important a part of the team as everyone else. We try to plan each internship according to each intern’s abilities, and we do not believe that there is only one correct educational direction that gives you access to a place at our office – only the right attitude! You do have to be able to speak, read and write Danish fluently to work at the office.